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Ken Burgin is talking with restaurant profitability expert Ivan Brewer, and they’re attempting to work out what will drive restaurant success in the future: 2019 is very different to 2009 or even 1999!

They discussed Ivan’s background in restaurants and fast-paced hospitality, and where he learned his greatest lessons. Plus the modern skills that smart operators need to manage tough conditions and ever-growing competition. They also talked about skill shortages and labour productivity, and the simpler levels of service that customers will accept, if wage costs are to be reduced.

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Ken Burgin continues the conversation with chef and kitchen management expert Andrew Briese of Cooking the Books.

In the second of two podcast interviews, they talked about theoretical and ideal food costs, improving yields and the importance of standard recipes. Check the first conversation in Podcast #286: Managing Food Purchasing, Storage and Stock Control.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • What sort of food cost percentages should chefs and business owners aim for?
  • What is the costing best-practice you see across different types of food businesses?
  • Best ways to do accurate recipe costing
    Doing the maths – formulas and rules of thumb
  • 'Make or Buy' decisions
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