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It was great to interview marketing expert Michelle Falzon of and the Content Sells podcast (one of my favourites). She talked to us wearing her marketing hat, and also as a resident in a rural area who enjoys the local cafes and restaurants.

We looked at the ‘buyer’s journey’, marketing mountains, becoming known for something distinctive and all the ways a business of any size can build a tribe of loyal fans. We also discussed the importance of regular conversations via social media or email, and how ‘content’ can be used to attract, delight and convert. I know you will enjoy this podcast!

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We like to keep the tone positive on this podcast, but it’s important to be realistic – where there is food, alcohol and cash, there are sure to be thieves. My guest in this interview is Nigel Pickhardt, one of the authors of the book How to Burn Down the House: The Infamous Waiter & Bartender's Scam Bible by Two Bourbon Street Waiters. Nigel now runs a popular seminar focused on strategies to reduce fraud and theft in hospitality.

We discussed the basic methods of employee theft and how to find your vulnerabilities before dishonest employees strike. Plus specific defences and management responses for a range of scams, and how to develop a natural instinct for detecting the tell-tale signs of theft. There aren’t many scams that Nigel hasn’t seen over the years, and he shares with us fully and frankly. Find out more about his seminars and the book at

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Conflict: between kitchen and front of house, chefs in a rage, managers with short fuses and owners yelling. When not handled carefully, it creates stress and negativity, leading to high staff turnover and low productivity. It’s not about being soft and gentle all the time, but the way most workplaces deal with disagreement seems to have negative results, not positive.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks to business coach and communications specialist Berry Kruijning of Crowning Communication. Berry has worked across cultures and industries, and has a great deal of experience with hospitality employees. We discussed different types of conflict, generational and cultural issues, how coaching can make managers more resourceful, and whether it’s possible to have a life free of conflict. In our industry we have a potent combination of deadlines, pressure and diversity, creating many times where conflict flares. Contact Berry directly to discuss her coaching and consulting work.

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It was great to talk with restaurant marketing expert Charlie Hopper about what’s working for smart operators, and how we all need to double down to stay ahead of the competition. He recently published his second book Nuggets, Nibbles, Morsels, Crumbs with articles on topics as diverse as menu vocabulary, discounting, food photos, branding, social media and the sophistication of children.

He’s keen to eliminate the hype that’s so common in most restaurant communication – let’s be more direct, authentic and ultimately more persuasive.

Find Charlie Hopper at his website, and his books on Amazon or your bookseller - Nuggets, Nibbles, Morsels, Crumbs and the previous book Selling Eating.

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It’s inspiring to talk with restaurant managers who are looking at new strategies to overcome the age-old problem of staff shortages and high turnover. In most areas there are more vacancies than available staff for kitchen positions – the problem is widespread. But that doesn’t mean your business can’t work to minimise the problem and be the preferred employer in your town or street.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Lisa Hobbs and Breanna Lawler from the Dedes Restaurant Group in Sydney (with 8 separate brands). They’re working hard to improve the employee culture at their restaurant workplaces – developing the leadership skills of managers and head chefs. Part of this uses the techniques of Emotional Intelligence to improve staff happiness, develop team performance and reduce burnout. It’s had a significant effect on staff turnover and helping to reduce labour costs - we can all learn from this.

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