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Ever feel like work is just chasing your tail? Managing all the hats you wear in a restaurant or hospitality business: marketing, recruitment, operations and even bookkeeping. And then there are family responsibilities - people at home need attention too! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unable to move forward - you’re busy, but things don’t seem to be improving.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with business coach Maureen Pound, about how she helps managers and business owners to be more effective and bring back satisfaction in their work. We talked about different types of coaching and the big issue of time management. We also discussed to-do lists, accountability and how coaching could work for your managers and chefs. Maureen operates with clients across states and internationally - talk to her about how coaching can improve performance and reduce stress.

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In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with Tony Percuoco, one of Australia’s leading Italian restaurateurs. He and his brothers have opened a number of highly-regarded restaurants in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Australia. His current restaurant is Tartufo in Fortitude Valley.

Tony and I sat outside the restaurant (hence the atmospheric sounds) and talked about menu and marketing developments, his profit secrets, managing staff and finance, the changing restaurant scene and how to keep customers happy. Here’s a chance to listen and learn from a master!

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There are many types of management skills – in this interview Ken Burgin discusses them with communications and leadership coach Carmel Murphy, the Communications Queen. She’s also a senior manager in a restaurant chain, so she knows what’s needed in real life.

We went through her list of essential ‘people management’ skills and how these can be developed in young managers and staff who want to take more responsibility. We also talked about personality types, working with cultural differences and overcoming fear – topics of relevance for all of us.

You can also hear Carmel in one of our most popular podcasts (#30) on Understanding and Managing Employee Personality Types.

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It’s time to turn the ‘problem’ of customer allergies into a positive opportunity for promotion. Let’s stop the eye-rolling and groaning every time a gluten-free or nut-free request comes in, and see that there are thousands of potential customers who will flock to your business if they know their food sensitivies and allergies will be understood and respected.

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with restaurant coach and consultant Joshua Clifton. We discussed the common allergies to be aware of, the dangers of an anaphylactic reaction by someone who encounters food they should not eat (potentially fatal) and Joshua’s personal challenges with this issue. We also talked about the correct wording for menus, the awareness training staff need, and how to manage a busy service while still taking this all into account.

He recommends we check the Anaphylaxis Network of Australia, the Primal Pantry in Brisbane and see how Disney foodservice handles the issue at their theme parks.

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