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Why automate? Not because we want to be robots, but it can make replies and communication faster and more reliable. And it also keeps labour costs down. It won’t replace warm smiles and a human voice, but how many calls have you forgotten to return?

It’s also about setting up systems that other people can do for you. Some automation involves information coming IN to you eg reports and price information, and other automation sends decisions and information OUT eg email auto-responses, roster updates for staff etc. And some automation replaces time-consuming work with the labour of others eg an online assistant who types up lists or recipes.

Start with areas where the most human errors are occurring – slow replies, inaccurate reports, tasks forgotten etc. This is expensive. Use this podcast list to start automating your processes, and send us suggestions if you have other areas that work for you. 

Lots more information about developing an efficient and profitable business at Profitable Hospitality.

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Let’s challenge the wide-spread perception that Millennial or Generation-Y employees are a problem: self-centred, too casual, a short attention span and living on their phones. Every generation says the ‘young ones’ are a disappointment - conflict between young and old is nothing new!

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with Dr Chip Espinoza, author of the new book Millennials Who ManageHow to Overcome Workplace Perceptions and Become a Great Leader.

The Millennial generation is now the largest of the working age groups (USA) – more than Gen X (born 1960-1979) and the Baby Boomers (1945-1959). We need to build their skills and prize their ability. They expect more frequent training, and don’t need a manager to give them information – they can find it themselves. Let’s use their more casual approach to improve our hospitality, and their ease with technology is exactly what we need more of. This interview (and book) is full of practical ways to turn your young workforce into a competitive asset for the future.

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I’ve followed Bob Phibbs the Retail Doctor for quite a few years – he writes terrific articles about all aspects of retail: trends, sales improvement, customer service and employee training. He’s also a motivational speaker and consultant, working directly with retailers to improve their sales and reputation.

Many of the issues faced by retailers apply to hospitality – we have employees who need training and motivating, a highly competitive landscape and customers who are always ready to leave us for a better offer! In this interview, we started talking about the retail opportunities for restaurants and cafes, and quickly moved onto the topic he’s most passionate about – creating great sales through great service.

This was a brilliant conversation – I know managers, restaurant and cafe owners will get great insights into training, customer and employee personalities, and so many extra ways to make sales and build customer loyalty. Make sure all your people listen to this!

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In most places, there are all the customers you ever need within 10 kilometres (5 miles) of your business. But we’re often so busy promoting far and wide, that we forget the simple and effective neighbourhood activities that work so well for restaurants, cafes and bars. Many of them you can do for free.

In this podcast, Ken Burgin goes through dozens of ways you can connect with local customers, employees and suppliers, and build strong relationships. Plus the many ways you can reinforce these connections through social media and your website. Lots more Sales & Marketing resources and ideas at Profitable Hospitality...

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