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You want your marketing to make a big impact, but the budget is tight! And maybe you’re just being cautious as you learn the ropes and sort through the social media hype. You need to choose the right social media channels, and show how the money you spend will lead to an increase in customer visits and sales. Measuring the Return on Investment takes a different type of thinking.

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with social media marketing expert Leslie McLellan. Her business Just a Small Town Girl works with small cities, rural towns and the small businesses within them. As she says, ‘when done correctly, social media marketing is equivalent to winning the lottery. Lake Arrowhead, CA., the small town resort community I marketed for two decades, was saved by social media’. She shares dozens of great tips and suggestions for stretching your marketing dollars – you’ll love Leslie’s enthusiasm and generosity. It’s time to take action, and pick up the pace!

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Seafood sales are up, and consumers are convinced about the health-benefits of fish, but they’re often wary about taste, texture and bones! There are also big changes in the supply chain – fishing, farming, processing, labelling and regulation. It’s a lot for restaurant operators and chefs to handle!

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with Roy Palmer, Australia’s Mr Seafood. He’s had a long career in the industry – commercial fishing, aquaculture, fisheries, food safety and even running his own fish shop. He is committed to raising the profile and consumption of seafood, and sharing information with business owners, politicians, consumers and the media. You can contact Roy through Linkedin

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Last month, Australian mainstream and social media lit up with reactions to suggestive comments made to a TV journalist by a well-known cricketer. What he thought was just ‘having some fun’ was interpreted by many as a blatant case of harassment, and and example of the pressure many women feel to stay quiet and ‘just ignore it’. A lot like the daily banter and harassment experienced by some female (and male) staff in hospitality workplaces.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with lawyer Richard Edwards of Whites Legal, and HR specialist Natasha Hawker of Employee Matters. We talked about definitions of harassment, how to implement a Sexual Harassment Policy, managing staff with ‘big personalities’ and rules about language, behaviour and protecting vulnerable employees.

Make use of the HR resources available in the Profitable Hospitality Download Center.

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Social media is a hungry beast – to make a real impact on your fans and followers, you need to be posting a photo or news update at least once a day. Or more! That’s a lot of pictures and information, especially if your main job is organising service, food and lots of employees – who has the time?

Part of the panic comes from ‘what will I photograph or write about??’, so in this podcast Ken Burgin goes through 10 different content areas, most of which will be very familiar to you. From special deals and announcements, to community activities, anniversaries and a look behind the scene. Once you have the inspiration and content, pushing out something new each day will be a piece of cake!

Find dozens of ideas and inspiration for content at the Profitable Hospitality Online Marketing Dept, and boost your skills and confidence with the online Social Media Marketing Workshop. 

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