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One thing’s for sure: Facebook marketing options keep changing, and it’s a challenge to keep up! There’s more focus on photos and video, easier ways to run competitions and the need for better quality posts. And paid advertising is essential to get any sort of reach. In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Facebook marketing expert Luke Moulton from Plankton Digital.

He’s been working with online marketing and social media channels for many years, and focuses on getting the best value from advertising dollars. Facebook ads should now be a part of your weekly promotional budget – there are so many ways it can reach your exact target audience with the right message. Luke shares some great examples and shortcuts on how to make your Facebook marketing much more effective.

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Wishing and hoping - for more profitable restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs and bars. More efficient, less stress on the managers, better profit margins, more enjoyable to visit and more attractive to the quality staff we want to find. I’ve based this podcast on discussions with many business operators and podcast guests over the last 12 months – I’m getting it off my chest!

Looking at better ways to manage figures, bookkeeping and profit margins, management skills, employees and marketing. With great uncertainty in the world economy and widespread conflict, now’s the time to strengthen our foundations and increase the quality of what we serve. A strong business can offer high-quality hospitality. Use the comments and me know what’s on your wishlist for 2016. 

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It’s no surprise that podcasts and articles about employee management are the most popular content on Profitable Hospitality. Finding the right people and creating a strong team are a constant challenge for restaurants and cafes of all sizes. Recruiting a new chef, training a manager, or showing a team how to be more efficient – the work never stops.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Natasha Hawker of EmployeeMatters. In her work with clients (and in her book From Hire to Fire), she uses a 9-step Employee Life Cycle to explain the recruitment, management and exit stages in every employee’s time with a business. She also emphasises the importance of strong legal foundations – the right policies and compliance measures to reduce risk and protect management. This is a great conversation for business owners, managers and chefs who want to build a strong and productive team.


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The‘trends treadmill’ can be a challenge – at the end of each year, a wide variety of chefs, food writers and pundits come out with their predictions for the following 12 months. What will be hot and what will not – ingredients, flavours, concepts, cooking and service styles. Plus the brands they see growing and declining – it can be overwhelming! It’s also interesting to look back at predictions made in the last few year – some of them keep recurring.

In this episode Ken Burgin has surveyed 16 different food trend articles for 2016 and pulled together the key themes. It is important to be aware of changing trends – customer taste is changing, and new competitors suddenly appear and capture people’s imagination. TV is a constant influence. You can’t afford to ignore what’s going on around you.

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Busy days, busy lunch or a crazy coffee rush – if you don’t have everything well-organised you will be missing out on some great profit opportunities and making everyone’s work more difficult. In today’s impatient world, everyone wants service, food and drinks right now!

In this podcast Ken Burgin looks at two key factors and a host of different ways to improve speed with less stress and more efficiency: good preparation, good equipment and great systems. Sometimes you need to change the layout or upgrade machinery, and sometimes it’s about being more organised and having the right staff. When it all comes together, you’ll have a business that serves everyone in the crowd, makes them happy and fills your bank account!

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