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Video is the hot format for all types of online marketing – on Facebook and YouTube, or playing on your website. Keep it short, sharp and interesting, and use it to promote a conference or wedding venue, show your dining facilities or bar, the entertainment, behind the scenes in the kitchen, happy staff and happy customers.

In this video Ken Burgin talks with video maker and TV presenter Duane Strauss. We discussed the types of video storytelling that work for a venue, how to get the best from a video maker, how to plan content to tell a good story, and how to hold people’s attention. Duane’s craft is making short videos for TV, so he knows how to tell a story that keeps people watching right to the end. You can find him online here. 

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Is the work ethic of your young employees frustrating you, or maybe it’s just hard to understand? Your feelings are shared by many hospitality business owners and managers, even of the same age! Maybe we’re trying to fit ‘square pegs into a round holes’... ignoring the terrific skills and aptitude of staff in this younger generation.  These are our future leaders, and in some countries there are now more Millennials working than Baby Boomers - it’s time to be more understanding.

  • GenY or Millennials were born 1980 - 2000
  • Generation X – between about 1960 - 1980
  • Baby Boomers – post WW2 to 1964

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with HR strategist Avril Henry. She is passionate about transforming leadership models, building diversity and reforming out-dated workplace practices. She has worked with organisations of all sizes, from small companies to the Australian Defence Force. We talked about different motivators across generations, how to make feedback relevant, status symbols, training styles, mentoring, better recruitment and job security. If you want to really engage and use the talents of your Gen Y workforce, listen to this great interview and check Avril’s books, available from her website


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There’s a lot involved to make your job application concise, interesting, and relevant to the organisation you’re applying to. And in the digital age, many applications are received and sorted electronically, before they are reviewed by a human – so many factors to consider! 

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Catriona Watt, the CV Saviour. We discussed the essential elements of a good CV, how long it should be, and what to leave out. We also discussed the importance of Linkedin, the right and wrong way to talk about your achievements (with her format of Challenge, Action, Result), and what should be included in the Cover Letter. There’s so much great information in this conversation – make sure you also download Catriona’s 20-Point CV Health Check to put you on the front foot and get that interview!


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It's easy for rural towns to feel left behind – a small population, it’s hard to find good staff, and just too far from the action. But there are many rural communities that are thriving – from natural resource booms, agricultural expansion and a growing number of residents from internal migration. At the centre of successful small towns are good cafes, restaurants and bars where people can relax, enjoy a meal and meet with friends – your business can be the heart of the community, if you want it.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Becky McCray, business owner, resident of Alva, Oklahoma (pop. 5000) and an advocate for the natural strengths of rural towns and small business. She says people from rural areas ‘have characteristics, part of the culture you grew up with, that makes you a stronger and better business person’. Her website Small Biz Survival, her enthusiasm and the hundreds of businesses she connects with give us a big, rich serving of ideas to help make your business dynamic, competitive and popular. It’s time to get busy!


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