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So much social media activity done by business is random and inconsistent, with little thought as to how it will lead to sales. Hospitality venues miss so many photo opportunities, and use the same sales pitches that they use everywhere else. But social media is about connections and conversation, not just being talked at!

In this podcast, Ken Burgin talks with Holly Galbraith of Go Future Media. Holly is an experienced tourism marketer with great hospitality experience, and a strong desire for businesses to put a social media strategy together before they go firing off Facebook updates and tweeting in all directions! Amongst the many topics covered, we discussed the content ‘pillars’ that can support your social media, how to choose the right platforms, how to maintain consistency and how to measure results. You can also hear Holly on her own Tourism Tweetup podcast and find her on Twitter.


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Let’s face it – a lot of wine dinners, tastings and events are dull and a bit disappointing. Too much talk, too many frowns, and not enough of the enjoyment and pleasure that wine is all about. They don’t help to grow the audience for wine, or they're not events that people rush back to.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks to Dan Sims – he’s committed to ‘producing large scale events for wine drinkers that are informative, interactive and not in the slightest bit scary.’ His company Bottleshop Concepts produces the wildly popular wine events Pinot Palooza, the new Game of Rhones and many more. They’re full of fun, passion and attract a younger (and more female) demographic – wine with enthusism, not snoozing. If you want to bring your restaurant wine list, staff training and wine events to life, you’ll find this podcast full of inspiration.


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The high turnover and shortage of kitchen staff is a worldwide problem – it’s not a career that attracts or holds enough good people. The work is physically hard, the hours can be long and unsociable, and the career opportunities limited. Many chefs leave hospitality completely, instead of finding other ways to use their experience within the industry.

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with Geremy Glew of Placed Recruitment. a specialty recruitment company focusing on chefs and hospitality staff. Geremy is a chef and knows how kitchens work in large and small venues – he has many insights into this situation, and shares practical advice for chefs and the business operators who employ them.

You can also  listen to the previous interview with Geremy in Podcast 128 on Successful Kitchen Recruitment, and watch a video recording of the webinar we did on Kitchen Recruitment.


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It’s a big problem in hospitality – and it’s probably happening at your business. Independent restaurants and cafes are especially vulnerable, as they often lack rigorous systems for hiring, training and supervising employees. Once a thief starts working for you and finds your weaknesses, they’ll just keep going.

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with the ‘Crime Doctor’ Chris McGoey about the wide range of employee fraud and theft in restaurants. With food, liquor and cash in daily use, and often with inadequate security and controls, it’s easy for things to go wrong. Chris shares some excellent suggestions on how to tighten up your systems and keep profits in the business instead of in the pockets of dishonest staff. You can find him at and also listen to his podcast Crime School.


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