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Retail products can be a new income stream for your restaurant, add some marketing flair, or create an independent business that doesn’t depend on lots of staff and expensive premises. Jams, pickles, sauces, dry products, pre-cooked meals, baked goods, savoury and sweet items – there are many options.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Jane del Rosso of My Other Kitchen – her business is focused on helping people to research and develop new food products and get them to market. Whether it’s in her large commercial kitchen, through classes or consultation, Jane has helped hundreds of people bring new products to market. Production methods, packaging, labelling, health regulations, marketing, profit margins, pricing, online sales and retail options – there’s a lot to consider! 


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It’s the job that most managers dislike, and one of the most important: the staff roster and schedule. Putting strong staff on the busy shifts, having just enough people to match customer numbers,  juggling time off, and controlling wage costs. There’s got to be an easier way!

In this interview Ken Burgin interviews Kristin Harris from – one of the leading online rostering and staff management systems. We look at the advantages of online vs traditional systems, how labour and administrative costs can be saved, and the ‘convenience factor’ for management and staff. Plus a range of tasks that can now be done more efficiently – alignment of sales to roster hours, reporting, journal entries and task assignment. It’s time to take this tedious job online and enjoy the advantages!


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Good brands are memorable – and stand out from the crowd. The same applies for professional people working in hospitality: it’s important to present yourself online with clarity and focus. You already have a brand, whether it is associated with your personal name or your business name - just try Googling your name and see what comes up!

In this discussion, Ken Burgin talks with marketing consultant James Burgin about the opportunities to build your online presence, reputation and network. It’s not just about social media channels, although they are important, but also about creating an online profile, sharing written and photographic content, protecting your reputation and using the right online tools and resources.  

As the saying goes, you can ‘not, not create an impression’ - let’s make sure it’s the one you want!

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We all need a website, but what does that mean this year compared to 12 months ago, and when will it need to be upgraded again? The website also needs to be mobile friendly, because Google now actively penalises websites that don’t work well on mobile phones – so many things to consider! 

In this interview Ken Burgin talks to Ben Jones of Growth Studios. Ben is an experienced web designer with a background in graphic design, direct marketing and web design – it’s a strong combination. We discussed the best way add menus, photo albums, an About Us page, an Employment section, Location details, a booking link, and an inquiries page. Plus ecommerce, strong visual design elements and the importance of good SEO to attract Google searches.

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We’re not just talking about the frail and very old, but everyone 55 and over. Many have another 40-50 years of life ahead of them - that’s a lot of eating out, coffee, snacks and beverages! Understanding the segments within the broad group of ‘senior diners’ was one of the first distinctions raised by today’s guest Aaron Fish, a foodservice executive working in the retirement living sector in Texas. He has extensive experience in restaurants, and brings that understanding to this conversation with Ken Burgin.

Topics discussed include menu options, handling dietary needs, choosing the right staff, service expectations and the role of food in the lives of people who don’t go to work every day. Lunch and dinner can be important for entertainment as well as nourishment, and that gives more possibilities for creating a popular and profitable business. Baby-boomers and seniors are a massive proportion of the population - often overlooked and under-serviced, and that means opportunity!

You can connect with Aaron on Linkedin and also on Twitter @ahfish


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