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Vision, Mission, Values, Culture, Empowerment and Engagement... So many big words used so carelessly by people who think repeating them will magically improve productivity, reduce staff turnover and boost profits. It takes much more than fancy signs on the wall to do that!

In this week’s interview, Ken Burgin talks with Kevin Dwyer of Change Factory. He’s worked for many years with companies large and small that want to make real improvements in their workplace culture and management effectiveness. That’s why he gets impatient with people using these terms without genuine commitment. He gives us real, understandable definitions that everyone can grasp, and we also discuss the important issue of having the company’s vision match with the personal vision and ambitions of the staff. You’ll enjoy this interview and have lots to think about for your own business, no matter what the size or style.


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Staff shortages, costs and challenges are often on the mind of hospitality people, and they love to complain. So it was great to talk with a business operator who employs more than 100 people and finds his employees a source of strength and opportunity, rather than a drama.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Miccal Cummins, director of award-winning catering group Gastronomy. They’ve established a great reputation in Sydney for corporate catering, creative events, venue management and the quality of their food. They’ve also developed a ‘second line’ called Packed Lunch, for online ordering of food for conferences and meetings. We discussed the growth of the business, management of recruitment and induction, the type of staff they look for and how they maintain a strong, positive culture. This was an interview that left me inspired and positive about the future of the industry!


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A new website or an upgrade? It always feels like hard work and uncertainty when restaurants, bars and clubs decide to make a change. There are so many things to consider: all the technical details (usually confusing and unknown), briefing a designer, the budget, design and branding, plus adding new features like social media integration, photo galleries, a booking service, email subscription and a ‘shop’.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks to Ben Jones of Growth Studios, an experienced web designer with a background in graphic design, direct marketing and web design – it’s a strong combination. As well as the topics above, we discussed choosing the right platform (is Wordpress the right one?), what restaurants and bars usually have on their ‘shopping list’, how to add e-commerce facilities, the importance of making the site Google-friendly, and keeping the project on track. If you’ve got plans for a new website or an upgrade, this podcast contains important information!


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In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Grahame Murray of the Organic Market & Cafe - they've been open for 26 years! It’s in the beautiful hills above Adelaide, Australia. The business has expanded and modernised in that time, taking over more space and adding an online shop. They’re also using modern technology to manage staff, bookkeeping and even tablet ordering for ‘queue-busting’ when it's busy – another way to keep customers happy and willing to spend.

We also discussed design and retail display, menu development, working with local fruit and vegetable suppliers and how much true organic produce can be included on an affordable menu. Plus building a stable team of staff and the value of an active presence on social media – make sure to check them on Instagram and Facebook.


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