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Hospitality operators have mixed feelings about card payments – we like to offer convenience, but we don’t love the fees charged by banks and card companies. And like many fees, they always seem to be going up! This may be changing, with new competitors, and new, more secure ways to make payments.

In this interview Ken Burgin walks with Paul Wallbank, a digital strategist and writer on technology and business. We discuss the impact of Apple’s new payment system, how Paypal is competing with new services, plus the offers from Google and the banks. Will this result in some real competition for a change? It’s just possible that it will – now could be a good time to ask your bank to ‘sharpen their pencil’ and hold back from making long-term agreements. You can read more from Paul Wallbank on his website and on Twitter


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From venue bookers to agents, and all types of managers. Producers, promoters, publicists and ‘friends of the band’ – there’s a whole cast of characters behind the singer, comedian or musician you want performing at your venue.

In this podcast Ken Burgin talks with Chris Keeble, a woman with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry. Chris helps us understand ‘who’s who in the zoo’ and how to get the best results - a full house of happy customers. She’s undertaken most of the roles, and also writes shows – there’s no better person to be our guide! You can find Chris online at her website and Linkedin


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A lot has changed for businesses using Facebook – it’s no longer a free ride. Just having people ‘like’ a Facebook Page won’t guarantee that fans will see your news and updates. For that to happen, you need much more compelling content. Competitions are a great way to spark up interest, and have always been a part of hospitality marketing – now you can drive them through Facebook as well.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Nathan Latka, the CEO of Heyo, a company that gives you the tools to create powerful Facebook contests, promotions and deals. It’s the service we use at Profitable Hospitality because it’s super-easy to set up and it gets results. Not only can you put attractive, mobile-friendly campaigns together, but you’ll stay on the right side of Facebook’s strict rules about competitions. Nathan explains the 6 elements of a popular competition, and what type of prizes give the best success rate – sign up for Heyo’s free 7 day trial and give it a spin!


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