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A change of pace in this interview – Ken Burgin is talking to another industry podcaster, Eric Cacciatore from Restaurant Unstoppable. He’s a young industry gun who’s hungry to find out how new and seasoned operators are handling social media and marketing, staff management, technology, innovation and competition. It’s no surprise that cacciatore means ‘hunter’ in Italian!

We covered these topics and more, with Eric sharing from the experience of his interview guests and the ‘knowledge bombs’ they throw his way! I was interviewed by Eric a few months back for his Restaurant Unstoppable Podcast, and now he’s returning the favour for Profitable Hospitality – I hope you enjoy this non-stop show!


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Negotiation is part of everyday life – we’re always having to work out deals with family members, staff and suppliers. Occasionally there are BIG deals that need to be agreed upon – the sale or purchase price of a business, details of a bank loan, or the lease terms with a landlord. Many of the same negotation skills apply, but the risks can be much bigger.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Peter Panagiotopoulos, the Cafe Lawyer.  Peter works primarily with foodservice businesses, helping them to buy, sell and work out leases. He’s seen plenty of successful negotiation, and some that’s worked out badly for one or more parties. Offers, counter-offers, concessions, brokers, lawyers, timing, respect, caultural issues and the right way to communicate – there’s a lot we cover in this conversation.  

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Food & Wine Events are a great way to showcase your food, wine list and the skill of chefs and sommelier. Customers book and pay in advance – they’re keen, the numbers are known and the cash is already in the bank. What’s not to love?

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with Rafael Delgado, an experienced sommelier based in Orlando, Florida. He has prepared a 7-course Menu, pairing American cuisine with Napa Valley Wines. In the first part of the interview, he describes how he has matched the wines with the food, focusing on regionality, balance of flavours, matching body, contrasting flavours and encouraging the use of all the senses. This is not just ‘swallow and talk’, but building on volume, aromas, weight and texture.

In the second part of the interview, they talk about all the ways an event like this can be promoted to existing and new customers – through ‘four wall’ methods within the venue, and via the website, social media, email and online event listing services. There’s a lot of marketing detail covered, with methods that can be used for any type of event.

You can find Rafael on his blog, and he was also a guest in Podcast 77 on Wine Trends, Wine Descriptions and Educating Customers.


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There are plenty of legal issues to be handled before you begin a new restaurant or bar: the lease, a contract if you take over an existing business, planning permission and all the details around finance and equipment. But there’s still more to come once you open the doors - that's our topic for discussion today.

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks to Richard Edwards, a lawyer with Whites Legal a Melbourne firm that specialises in hospitality businesses. He compares this early stage of business to ‘the awkward teenage years’, when you’re growing up fast, making a few mistakes and having to learn quickly about what responsible adults do. We discussed essential employment law, staff policies that should be in place, insurance, Workcover and workers compensation, paying taxes, paying license fees for music, and the obligations and milestones in your lease. This interview has important information for all new restaurant, cafe and bar operators.


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Marketing and social media keep changing, and video is more popular than ever – with customers, and with potential guests. Google also wants to show more video, not just text and photos. We all have a smartphone in our pocket - it’s time to take it out and film what’s happening all around. Customer comments, community events, interviews, staff, new supplies and ‘behind the scenes’ – hospitality is full of stories. Short is better – think of how much information can be squeezed into a 30-second TV commercial!

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with Max Hitchins, the Hospitality Doctor. Over the last few years, Max has recorded hundreds of videos and posted them to his YouTube channel. He uses a regular camera, and sometimes just his phone, then adds titles and descriptions in the YouTube notes. He explains his video process, and how easily you can do it too. Everyone’s now talking about ‘content marketing’, and what could be easier than asking customers for an interview so they create it for you! 


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