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Everyone wants their business to show up at the top of page 1 of a Google search – some do and a lot don’t. No-one knows the exact formula Google uses to work out the position, but there are a lot of steps you can take to improve your ranking. If you serve steak or pizza, where are you on the Google search if you do a search for those words, combined with your location? You also need to show up prominently if the seach is done on a mobile phone, and that requires some different tactics. 

In this interview, technology and web expert Scott Thomas of shares his insights and experience from working with a wide range of local hospitality businesses. In preparing for the interview, we both searched for businesses that had claimed their Google+ Local listing – it was a shock to have so much difficulty finding any! We discussed one good example, Le Kiosk Restaurant in Sydney, Australia, and let’s hope a lot more businesses take advantage of this service after listening to the interview.

Make sure to use the wide range of online marketing resources at the Profitable Hospitality Online Marketing Department.

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It’s great to see a new business open with style and confidence, then build a strong local following. TopHat Coffee at Sydney’s beachside suburb of Clovelly is one of those cafes, and it was great to interview Angus Nichol, one of the partners, on how the concept was developed and is now being run.

We discussed location and site selection, the challenge of renovating an old shop, choosing equipment and creating an attractive concept. We also covered administration and bookkeeping, sales and cost percentages, marketing, menus and plans for expansion.

Make sure to check the TopHat website, follow them on Facebook and if you’re in the area… call in!

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I love talking to restaurant owners about how they’ve built a business from a small start to a large, efficient and popular operation. Misty Young, the Restaurant Lady is a great example of how this has happened – she and her family now have four Squeeze In restaurants in Nevada and plans for more.

To ensure the businesses grow and prosper, she has developed ‘5 Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success’, focused on Leadership, Operations, Financials, Product & Service and finally Marketing.

In this interview Misty explains what’s involved with each of these Laws, and the STAR context they’re built on: Strategy, Tactics, Accountability and Results. This is solid gold information you can ‘take to the bank’ – listen to it all and take notes! You can find Misty at and buy her terrific book ‘From Rags to Restaurants’ on Amazon 

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Our industry revolves around late nights, long hours and plenty of liquor, so it's no wonder we have some staff with drug and alcohol problems. We actively promote wine, beer and spirits, subject to strict rules on preventing intoxication. But handling the alcohol and drug-taking problems of our own people can be a big challenge for managers – and unavoidable if Workplace Health & Safety obligations are taken seriously. In most cases, you can’t just say ‘goodbye’!

Professional help is needed, and an understanding of the range of problems from alcohol and marijuana through to prescription drugs, amphetamines, cocaine and heroin. You mightn’t like it, but ignorance won’t help your business when this is part of the landscape for most of your young staff.

In this podcast interview, I’m talking with Colleen Morris, a very experienced Drug & Alcohol Counseller with her own practice at Watersedge Counselling  There’s a lot to learn from the wisdom she shares, and it’s also worth reading her blog on a wide-range of issues encountered in modern workplaces.

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It was great to interview Jason Jelicich again, one of the driving forces behind international bar management company Barmetrix. Jason has been developing the skills of managers (and more than a few owners) for more than fifteen years. In that time he has watched expectations of managers grow, epecially expectations about their ability to manage staff and a growing range of compliance issues. 

In this interview we discussed how to choose people with management potential, the importance of financial and negotiation skills, and developing accountability. Other topics included how to teach people problem solving, delegation, maintaining control and the ability to ‘coach and counsel’ when individual staff have problems. 

You can contact Jason through

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Joe Dunbar is the ‘Food Cost Wizard’, and it’s my pleasure to interview him for this podcast. Accurate data and ‘the numbers’ are essential to know what’s really happening with restaurant and bar sales, production costs and the strengths and weaknesses of a menu. Modern Point of Sale systems have massive amounts of the data and intelligence available for this analysis, but it’s often misunderstood or ignored.

Joe explains the POS reports he finds most useful when consulting with clients, and the numbers that should be watched closely by chefs and managers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We also discussed integration of the POS with bookkeeping systems, inventory control and recipe management - expect a very high ROI (return on investment) from this 45 minute interview! You can also find Joe’s contact details and very informative blog at Food Cost Wiz – it’s well worth reading.

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