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Ken Burgin talks with Brooks Briz, an entrepreneur and restaurant General Manager based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We discussed a wide range of systems and techniques he’s used for creating a team of staff with a strong commitment to sales and bottom line results. 

There’s an old saying that ‘sales solves everything’ and it still applies – if you’re worried about costs, would the problem be solved by improving sales? Not just more people through the door, but every visitor spending a little more and coming back more often. In most restaurants and bars, that improvement will come from the personal interaction customers have with the person who serves them. Let’s find out how Brooks achieves such great results.

You can find Brooks at and see his videos on YouTube.

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In this podcast, Ken Burgin interviews Jonn Close, principal consultant at CETN - business consultants and brokers based in Sydney. Their services includes Feasibility Studies, Business & Operational Reviews, Formulation of Tender Documents, and the Evaluation of Tender Submissions.

That makes Jonn well placed to help you check the numbers, be sure that you’ve found a real opportunity, and prepare a tender document that will beat the competition.

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The wedding business is intensely competitive, with a host of services chasing the budget of the bride and groom. Perhaps their largest expense will be the reception (even if the dress is more important!). In this podcast we talk with JF (Jean-François) Célèrier of Nathania Springs Receptions in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges. The information he shares will be of value for wedding venues, restaurant, hotels and clubs.

The Nathania Springs website is one of the best in the business, and their Facebook Page is a great testimonial for the many delighted clients they’ve had – including more than 10,000 photos! JF walks us through the success factors for their online presence, and how this integrates with their sales process – this is a podcast not to be missed! 

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