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Word-of-mouth has always been important for building a business and a following. But before online technology and social media, it occurred on a more intimate, face-to-face level - talking to neighbours or people at work, on the phone or in social situations. If you had a great experience at a restaurant or bar, it’s human nature to want to talk about it with others… and that business will benefit. 

Now social media platforms have given word-of-mouth marketing a scale and reach it’s never had before. But you still need to know what’s most likely to generate word-of-mouth enthusiasm, why some people respond more than others, and the best channels to promote it with. Then you can actively generate the positive WOM that every business operator wants.

In this podcast interview, Ken Burgin is talking with James Burgin of the BrandWithin marketing group.

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Meet Steve Jeffares, one of the founding partners of Australia's best craft beer venues: The Local Taphouse in Melbourne and The Local in Sydney. Their success has come from focusing closely on the elements that make a business successful - high-quality beer and food, a great atmosphere, building a tribe of loyal customers, and a strong commitment to educating people about their product. Plus closely watching the figures and finances.

Before the main interview, you'll hear this week's two-minute Tech Tip, about an excellent way to reduce the flood of paper on your desk and in the filing cabinet.

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Let's make our work life and computers faster, easier and more effective - digital tools are meant to be the servant, not the master! 

In this recording, Ken Burgin combines 10 of the best Tech Tips from recent podcasts into a quick tour of some great online services and software, designed to help you work smarter, not harder. 

The links below are where you will find the tools and services mentioned in the podcast.

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Stress and anxiety have a massive negative impact on many workplaces, despite our increasing prosperity. 

In this podcast interview, Ken Burgin talks with Jason Jelicich, a business speaker and coach with long-time hospitality experience. They discuss how managers, owners and staff can reduce their mental clutter and become more peaceful, 'present'…and effective. As Jason says, 'when we are present, those around us are influenced and they are attracted by our positive state'. We are also more productive and less fearful. 

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