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With special guest Clinton Power, a relationship counsellor and therapist. In this podcast discussion, we talk about typical conflict situations in restaurants, hotels and bars - why they happen, and how they can be handled more effectively.


In many workplaces, there's an urgent need for managers to have 'courageous conversations' with staff in conflict. Without action, it won't take long before good staff leave and productivity falls. 

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Meet Ben Higgs, chef/owner of Wild Oak Restaurant  in Olinda, Victoria, a picturesque small town near Melbourne in Australia. Ben has been running the restaurant for more than 10 years and has built a great reputation for the food, hospitality and his cooking school.

In this Success Interview, Ben tells us about starting the business, recruiting and managing staff, marketing, cooking classes and building customer loyalty. 

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Pinterest is an online pinboard – a hugely popular social bookmarking service that lets you highlight photos on your own website or blog, or on other sites that you like. A hospitality business can share photos of their food, cocktails, parties, facilities and events, chefs at work and the produce you buy. Smart tactics will also have you sharing images from your local area and all the other reasons why people should visit your neighbourhood or town. And for some people there’s an extra bonus – you hardly have to write anything, just click the photo and share!

In this podcast, Ken Burgin talks with Cynthia Sanchez from the Oh So Pinteresting! website and blog. She has been following Pinterest from the beginning and knows everything there is to know about marketing tactics, setting up Pinterest for business and how to keep fans and customers coming back for more.

Don't forget there is also the Member Question of the Week (this time on recruitment) and a Tech Tip straight after the interview – more useful content not to be missed!

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