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In the first of two podcasts, lawyer Peter Panagiotopoulos of PNA Legal (the 'cafe lawyer') talks with Ken Burgin about the important players in the sale process: landlords, lawyers, brokers, buyer and seller. He also explains what should be in the key documents: lease of the premises, and the contract for sale of the business. 

Other topics covered include legal terminology, how to work out the value of your business, the best time to sell, the best way to use a broker and lawyer, lease problems that prevent an easy sale and negotiation tactics with a potential buyer.

In the second podcast in this series (#12), Ken Burgin looks in detail at how to prepare your business for sale including quick profit improvements and how to put the best face on your business so it's immediately appealing to a buyer.

Peter has been specialising in the buying and selling of foodservice businesses for more than 10 years. 

IMPORTANT: this podcast contains information of a general nagture on point of interest to cafe, restaurant and foodservice operators. It is intended as a general overview only, and may not be appropriate to your particular circumstances. The content should not be relied upon as comprehensive and does not constitute legal or business advice. 

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Meet Paul Smith, successful chef/owner of Green Zebra Cafe in Albury, NSW. Albury is a large inland town in Australia. Paul and his partner have had the cafe for more than 10 years and have built a great reputation for their food, coffee and the fresh pasta they make on the premises (also sold retail).

In this Success Interview, we cover setting up a business, managing staff, marketing, technology, business growth and the kitchen garden that supplies an increasing proportion of the cafe's produce. You'll also hear some of Paul's music - he says he's actually a musician disguised as a cafe owner!

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January is a great time to look with new eyes at marketing, cost control, staff skills, bottlenecks and your own personal efficiency and satisfaction. Here are dozens of tips and resources to get the new year off to a great start - share these with your team! 

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In the first of the Outsourcing podcasts, we looked at how to prepare a brief, find a contactor and manage the project. In this podcast, we look at 10 different restaurant, hotel, bar or cafe projects that you've probably had on the 'to do' (or 'too expensive') list that are perfect for outsourcing. They range from managing recipes, menu design, brochures, posters, market research and website updates to newsletters and video.

Now it's time to put ideas into action: start with a small project to build your confidence and very soon you'll have outsourcing as an important tool for efficient business operations and marketing.

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Outsourcing services are great for getting design and admin. jobs done quickly and at low cost - people from around the world can bid on your job and usually have it done within a few days. Projects could involve writing, design, photo editing, data entry, website updates or other work that is tedious or needs skills you don't have. There are excellent online services that will post your job, rate the skills of applicants, monitor the job's progress and organise secure payment.

In this first of two podcasts, we will go through how outsourcing works, how to prepare a brief for a job, and how to find and hire a contract worker. The job could be as small as fixing the design of your menu, updating spreadsheets, or getting someone to write articles for your website. Or a regular project like an email newsletter. In the second podcast, we will go through 10 projects you could outsource for all areas of restaurant, cafe and hotel marketing and management - for both front and back of house. 

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