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There is definitely life after coffee, no matter how cool your local barista. Tea has infinite variety, full flavour and centuries of stories. Visiting your cafe or restaurant are hundreds of customers who either don’t drink coffee at all, or limit themselves to one cup a day. That means lots more sales between lunchtime and late night, if you add a variety of teas.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Corinne Smith of The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar. Over the last 6 years they’ve developed a thriving tea wholesale tea business, and now have their own beautiful tea bar, featuring quality brews and the food to go with it. These are robust flavours for all ages, and a valuable part of the profit mix. We talked about tea menus for summer and winter, brewing methods for a busy venue, staff training and appealing to a wide demographic. They are also part of the annual Sydney and Melbourne Tea Festivals – if you’re nearby, don’t miss them!

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