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There are many small moments of service after the first welcome - together, they add up to a powerful positive (or negative) experience. It could be on the phone, at the front door, tasting the food or all the way through the cycle of service from arrival to departure.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with restaurant consultant Kate Edwards about her many years in the hospitality as a manager, adviser and trainer. She has just published her first book Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters – it’s a powerful and easy-to-use manual on how to create a quality relationship with customers by paying attention to detail and making the little things count.

Based in New York, Kate has worked with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry, from Le Cirque in New York to The Viceroy in Anguilla, as well as restaurants at The Essex House and The Plaza Hotel. Her company creates service and training programs for hospitality businesses and provides coaching to owners, general managers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs on how to express and implement their service vision and lead their teams. You can contact her at Kate Edwards Consulting.

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