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We all love customers who appreciate our offer, and aren’t afraid to spend. People who want good food, the best wine and great service – bring it on! These people are often ‘tourists with money’ – they like to travel in comfort and experience the best that’s available in your city, town or countryside.

But how do smaller operators attract these visitors – isn’t this all tied up by the big hotels? And what if you’re a cafe, boutique patisserie or quirky bar? In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Jeff Ward, the Savvy Navigator. With many years experience in airlines and travel, he knows all about the expectations of well-heeled travellers from the USA and Europe; he organises tours for these people all the time. We talked about the food & beverage experience they’re after, the value of authenticity, the role of online review sites, and dealing with hotel concierges. You don’t need to be a big, high-priced establishment to access these travellers, but they won’t find you by accident.

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