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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a podcast listener who was keen to share his story.

Dane Adkins wrote: ‘I'm opening a community café/bar in the beautiful, seaside suburb of Semaphore, South Australia in the not too distant future. Sweet Amber Brew Café will be home to South Australia's tastiest craft beers - and home to those who enjoy drinking them. Our food will be largely inspired by the craft beer revolution with many of the meals using beer as an ingredient, and then paired with particular beers to enhance the tasting experience. All of which will take place in a relaxed, eclectic café-style environment.

Whilst listening to your podcast on my morning walk an idea came to mind; many of your interview subjects are already successful hospitality professionals (who offer knowledge through recounting their experiences). However, it would be great to hear the 'real time' experiences of a novice opening and establishing a café. It could be produced and published as an ongoing case study, identifying the significant challenges that others are likely to encounter on their journey. As an example, topics of discussion may include; liquor licensing legislation & council approvals, finding and developing relationships with key suppliers, marketing a business from scratch, website creation and many more topics. This sort of information will be incredibly useful to anyone intending to open their own establishment. Thanks again Ken for sharing your valuable knowledge with the hospitality community, I hope to be able to do the same!’

We agree Dane, this information could be very useful for people in the planning or ‘considering’ stage, and even for experienced operators. Enjoy the first interview just before the opening of the Sweet Amber Brew Cafe!

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