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Is the work ethic of your young employees frustrating you, or maybe it’s just hard to understand? Your feelings are shared by many hospitality business owners and managers, even of the same age! Maybe we’re trying to fit ‘square pegs into a round holes’... ignoring the terrific skills and aptitude of staff in this younger generation.  These are our future leaders, and in some countries there are now more Millennials working than Baby Boomers - it’s time to be more understanding.

  • GenY or Millennials were born 1980 - 2000
  • Generation X – between about 1960 - 1980
  • Baby Boomers – post WW2 to 1964

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with HR strategist Avril Henry. She is passionate about transforming leadership models, building diversity and reforming out-dated workplace practices. She has worked with organisations of all sizes, from small companies to the Australian Defence Force. We talked about different motivators across generations, how to make feedback relevant, status symbols, training styles, mentoring, better recruitment and job security. If you want to really engage and use the talents of your Gen Y workforce, listen to this great interview and check Avril’s books, available from her website


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