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The #1 issue for most hospitality operators is finding and keeping good kitchen staff – it’s a big challenge. There’s worldwide competition for good cooks, and a declining number of people who want to work the long and unsociable hours. But many operators could do a much better job of promoting the jobs available and choosing the right candidate, not the wrong one!

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Geremy Glew of Placed Recruitment, a specialty recruitment company focusing on chefs. Geremy is a chef and knows how kitchens work in large and small venues – he’s the ideal person to give us advice. We discussed job advertisements, responding to inquiries, personalities, matching staff with a position, reference checking, the conditions staff want and the role of recruiters. If you want to find better kitchen staff, with more hits and fewer ‘misses’, make sure you listen to this podcast – it’s packed with useful information. You will also find the job descriptions, job advertisement formats and management documents you need for chefs at Profitable Hospitality.


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