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A lot has changed for businesses using Facebook – it’s no longer a free ride. Just having people ‘like’ a Facebook Page won’t guarantee that fans will see your news and updates. For that to happen, you need much more compelling content. Competitions are a great way to spark up interest, and have always been a part of hospitality marketing – now you can drive them through Facebook as well.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Nathan Latka, the CEO of Heyo, a company that gives you the tools to create powerful Facebook contests, promotions and deals. It’s the service we use at Profitable Hospitality because it’s super-easy to set up and it gets results. Not only can you put attractive, mobile-friendly campaigns together, but you’ll stay on the right side of Facebook’s strict rules about competitions. Nathan explains the 6 elements of a popular competition, and what type of prizes give the best success rate – sign up for Heyo’s free 7 day trial and give it a spin!


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