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Banks can be a source of endless frustration. You want to borrow money for a startup, extend credit during a quiet period, or arrange finance for expansion…and the answer always seems to be ‘No!’. Most of the time, we just don’t know how banks work and how they make decisions.

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with Neil Slonim, The Bank Doctor. For 30 years he held senior leadership positions in Business Banking, Corporate Banking and in the ‘bad banks’ of both NAB and its subsidiary Bank of New Zealand. ‘Bad banks’ are the divisions where problem loans and borrowers are managed. Neil now works with small and medium size businesses to help them survive and thrive – he’s ‘the banker in your corner’.

We discussed finance for startups, how successful operators can raise money for expansion, how bank decisions are made and how to get the answer you do want to hear. As a part of his consulting service, he offers a very useful Bank Risk Report, giving you detailed information on where you stand with your bank, plus 40 suggestions on how you can improve your standing. More information at The Bank Doctor website, and use the discount coupon ABIS15. You can also follow Neil on Twitter and subscribe to his monthly newsletter. 

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