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We all value the convenience of online banking and ticket sales, and can buy just about anything from a website. However many restaurant and foodservice operators have been slow to embrace all the ways e-commerce can help customers book, visit, eat, drink, spend up and tell their friends.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Scott Kilmartin of the Online Store Guys, an e-commerce agency that creates online stores and advises on e-commerce growth and development. We talked about why e-commerce is more than just money-sales, security issues, the rise of mobile payments, modern customers, and integrating social media into the marketing mix. Plus options to start with Paypal and then grow with one of the online shopping cart systems. Scott is passionate about online sales – let’s embrace that enthusiasm and use his insights for our food & beverage success.

You can also hear Scott in Podcast 83 talking about Developing an Icecream & Gelato Business.


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