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For a long time I’ve been fascinated by ‘personalities’. What makes people do what they do – at work, when relaxed or under stress. As a restaurateur I had to tune into what different types of customers liked (or don't like), and all the different personalities that were working together in the front and back-of-house. In hospitality, we often ‘just do it’, getting by with the people we have and pushing through. But what if we could plan for good teamwork? What if we could identify the strengths we need for high-performance, and have tools to choose the right people, so the team has all the talent it needs to do a great job?

Carmel Murphy is an expert in this area, and not only has long experience in hospitality, but also wide-ranging experience with personality profiling and career coaching. In this podcast interview, Carmel explains the DISC personality profile system she uses and how it can be so useful for managers and staff to understand themselves, and work with other people more effectively. You can contact her at

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