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You want your marketing to make a big impact, but the budget is tight! And maybe you’re just being cautious as you learn the ropes and sort through the social media hype. You need to choose the right social media channels, and show how the money you spend will lead to an increase in customer visits and sales. Measuring the Return on Investment takes a different type of thinking.

In this interview, Ken Burgin talks with social media marketing expert Leslie McLellan. Her business Just a Small Town Girl works with small cities, rural towns and the small businesses within them. As she says, ‘when done correctly, social media marketing is equivalent to winning the lottery. Lake Arrowhead, CA., the small town resort community I marketed for two decades, was saved by social media’. She shares dozens of great tips and suggestions for stretching your marketing dollars – you’ll love Leslie’s enthusiasm and generosity. It’s time to take action, and pick up the pace!

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