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Why do some employees want to take it out on their boss, a co-worker or a business? Maybe they quit, or were dismissed: maybe the anger is justified, maybe not. It might be an allegation of unfair dismissal, of bullying or sexual harassment. Maybe they know something about the business that they’re threatening to reveal to a government department. And then there’s all the mischief that can be created with social media comments and review sites, watched by thousands of people.

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Richard Edwards of Whites Legal, a Melbourne firm specialising in hospitality businesses. He has helped many owners and managers with employment issues, including a wide variety of staff who want to ‘get even’. We discussed how to make your business more ‘bullet proof’, the skills managers need to intervene and fix problems early, better record keeping, and how to negotiate with government authorities if they start to make inquiries.

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